We work with urban and inner-city churches to activate entrepreneurial principals and build visionary leaders, transform your organization and develop a better business structure for your church to grow.




We are Victor and Angela Myles...it's so good to meet you!

If you're new here, let us sum up what everything on our site is designed to help you do: it's designed to help you lead and operate a sustainable ministry business like never before.

If you're like most Pastors and faith-driven leaders, you answered the call to ministry and discipleship, and along with it came being a leader and an entrepreneur.  The latter is part of the process but not necessarily part of the call.    It doesn’t come with a manual on how to operate the church as an entrepreneur and running the details of it's business principles, all while spreading the gospel  (ministry).  Sound familiar?  So because of this you keep bumping into obstacles that hold you back in one way or another: like not being able to effectively cast your ministry vision, stretching budget dollars, and experiencing burnout because you are denied the breathing room you need from your team so you are forever present for one service or another, all while showing yourself strong to staff as their leader.


We get that. We've had our share of personal struggles as ministry leaders, entrepreneurs and faith-driven people.  We have experienced the weight of mistakes we've made and felt the emotional overwhelm of burnout and discouragement at times too.


But there's a way to infuse your ministry with the direction and  strength it needs to succeed while building  the entrepreneurial leader within.   That's what this site, resources and our call is all about.

Throughout this site in various ways, we share everything we've learned from over a decade of leading a successful church nonprofit outreach, employing 30 different individuals, being mentor to hundreds of community leaders all while serving over 20,000 individuals and securing over $9.1 million in funding, running our consulting businesses and being ministry leaders, as well as a husband & wife, parents, grandparents and community thought leaders, plus working with church leaders as well.  We share our story of trail and triumph through testimony and more...all the while learning to keep our spirit man connected to the source of our strength  (Jesus Christ) and being guided by the Holy Spirit every step of the way. 

 Plus, every week we talk to you pastoral leaders who share the same passion as us who are called to call them forth, and impact  the lives of others while  operating in the spirit of excellence and represent God well. 

We've been able to gain the interest of thousands of leaders including  Pastors, ministry leaders and social entrepreneurs who are future and current entrepreneurs of churches, nonprofits and small businesses through our local relationships, social channels and online.  Our gift is sharing proven strategies to help them clarity their vision, lead and operate in excellence.

So what about you? Well, here we are.

There are five ways we know we can help you thrive as a faith-driven leader to build sustainability for your church or ministry:

  1. Through our blog, where we provide stories, tips and training about sustainability.

  2. Through our online channel, where we do live trainings and provide A's to your Q's.

  3. Through our coaching & consulting, where we can help you out 1:1 and more.

  4. Through our new Free Facebook Community, the Fundable Church Community.

  5. Through prayer. (See the Believe In Faith Page to connect)

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Want to know more about us?

If you want to get to know us better go here, or find out a little bit more about our story, testimony and call then read this.

Our prayer is that we are instrumental in helping you build solutions that give your ministry the empowerment it needs to succeed, while rebuilding the visionary leader within, so we can touch millions through the hands of others.  Your hands!

Thank you for showing up!

- Victor & Angela-TMF



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