Things You Should Know About Us...Let's Share

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2018

Well hello and welcome to our slice of the internet pie!  You have landed yourself in our online home and if I knew you were stopping by today I would have prepared you some of my famous sweet tea or a batch of our smooth French press coffee! But we’ll just have to plan for another day. 

So, I’m pretty sure you have tons of questions about Victor and I (Angela) and this first introductory blog post is gonna share with you our secret sauce, who we are as business coaches, nonprofit strategist and startup consultants and how we got here. 

Now if you’ve been rock-in with us from our humble internet beginnings in 2016 you will know that what bought you to this page now, may not be where we started 2 years ago.  We haven’t given up on our call to help nonprofits or bring education to churches about how to #GETFUNDED, we’ve just transitioned them into 3 different modalities (with their own websites), so you don’t have to sift through...

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