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The struggle is over to find a planner that speaks to your life as a Kingdom Leader and Visionary. You need clarity and confidence to challenge yourself to conquer specific goals every quarter. 
Here's what's included in The Visionary's 90 Day Vision Planner. Projections and Goals-The big picture of your overall vision in the future. Visionary Planning-Answer very specific questions about the vision of your church/ministry. Monthly & Weekly Goals-The Lean Plan to map out the specific ways to accomplish your goals. Define Your Personal Vision Journal-Use these worksheets to pay special attention to your personal goals. This is a 35 Page full focus planner to help you actively and strategically plan your next 90 Days and beyond. 
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1 day. 3+ live hours. 5 essential steps to building the foundation for fundable & sustainable success with Grants & Government Funding. 



On Saturday, November 6th, live workshop will be held at 9 am PT (we anticipate this to be at least a 3-hour workshop). All sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live and available for lifetime access. 

$299 Retail Value

Super Early Bird Pricing For First 50 Registrants $99!


  • The Grants & Government Funding Workshop Training                 ($299 Value)
  • ​Grants & Government Funding Workbook    ($99 Value)
  • BONUS: How To Search For Federal Grants                                         ($99 Value)
  • ​Fundable Plug & Play Policy Templates                                                  ($99 Value)
  • ​​​BONUS: Federal Grant Standard Materials Training                                   ($99 Value)
  • BONUS: ​How To Write Fundable Mission Statements                           ($99 Value)
  • BONUS: ​The Registries For Funders Walk Through                                  ($129 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Fundable Resources & Sheets                                                      ($49 Value)
  • BONUS: Pop Up Facebook Group  (Open Through November 12th)                                                  ($299 Value)




First, we need to lay the groundwork for knowing the truth about churches and federal funding. There are a lot of myths out there about the church’s ability to get funding, the separation of church and state and whether or not receiving government money means that they can tell you what you can and can’t say or do in the church.  We’ll we’re going to tell you the truth, specifically from FACTS you should know. Plus discover how the pandemic has drastically increased the levels of funding available and how NOW could be the BEST TIME for you to get started with a government grant.
You’ll also discover:
  • Become informed about the White House Office of Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships and what this means for you

    STEP 1 | WHERE
The first step you’ll learn in the workshop is all about knowing WHERE your church vision is going so you know where to find the right funding. We’ll introduce you to your secret weapon for building a fundable & sustainable community vision—the Faith & Funding Blueprint—which will give you instant clarity on the path you'll need to take, as well as allow you to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls that lead those churches new to federal funding astray.
 You’ll also discover:
  • If you should you have a separate 501c3 or a DBA for your church and how they work.
  • Where to start with prospecting government funding.
  • Which databases and tools you need
  • Discover Which Agencies in the Federal Government are partnering with other faith-based organizations... hint only 50% of them do

Part 2 of our workshop is all about understanding WHO you are currently or trying to serve by clearly identifying and understanding the demographics of your one true client. Answering this question will eliminate confusion or uncertainty within your community program and allow you to easily set your organization apart from the competition when it comes to seeking government funding.
 You’ll also discover:
  • Discover what the specific focus is for funding and how to see if this aligns with your current community efforts.
  • Identify the kind/type of funding you need

Part 3, we’ll focus on understanding the WHY of your community vision—also known as the felt need of your community or what we like to call your “Crisis Cause”. We’ll explore why it’s not enough to know what your community might want, but how to get clear about what your community actually needs in order to nail down your funding direction, which helps you understand which of the federal funding organizations will fund you and why or why not.  You’ll need to understand the keywords you need in order to search for and apply for funding.
 You’ll also discover:
  • How to create and use KEYWORDS to help narrow the focus when you’re searching for grant opportunities.
  • Which types of support categories federal funding fall into and the differences between them.

Part 4, with a clear understanding of WHO your client is and WHY they need help from your community vision, we’ll answer the next essential question—WHAT will you provide? We’ll explore the difference between an entry point program and your transformational program and start laying the groundwork for what your core government funding proposal should look like....and how to pull it together.
 You’ll also discover:
  • Understand the difference between local, state, and federal government funding

Part 5, we’ll focus on HOW to pull it all together in a comprehensive federal funding plan that will allow you to build out your entire Federal Funding Success Path in a clear and methodical way. You’ll know exactly what your next steps should look like and how to put them into action.
 You’ll also discover:
  • Learn the federal funding process and timeline
  • What can you pay for with federal funding?
  • Understand where to find Government & Federal Grant Opportunities

 Q & A | THE NOW
Finally, during Wrap up before the Q & A, we’ll focus on HOW to pull it all together in a comprehensive federal funding plan that will allow you to build out your entire Federal Funding Success Path in a clear and methodical way. You’ll know exactly what your next steps should look like and how to put them into action.
  • The minimum requirements for your church or ministry to have in place in order to apply for federal funding.
  • We'll reveal the 3 elements of a sustainable million-dollar vision, and how these helped our church repeatedly receive significant levels of government grants & funding.
  • What next steps can you take right now to prepare for the next round of government funding being released?

* Formal details will be provided via email after you secure your seat. All sales are final, no refunds will be issued. *