The Ultimate Guide For Developing Sustainable Service Based Revenue For Your Church Or Ministry. To Set Up Community Programs That Get Funded.   Grow Your Vision Through Strategic Operations To Obtain Exponential Growth.

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You’re a Pastor or Minister. A faith-leader. And someone who does work that matters. You answered the call to ministry and discipleship, and along with it came being a leader and an entrepreneur.  The latter is part of the process but not necessarily part of the call.   

We see the exact steps you need to take to transform your vision into reality, no matter where you are now and no matter where you want to go.

You have a vision for your ministry. But one thing isn’t clear: how to get there.

Whether you want to start and grow an outreach doing work in the community you love and were called to do, are in the inner city and want to help end homelessness, help youth with an afterschool program, support a prison ministry or start a charter school we can help. 

Having a desire to do good is one thing. Making it happen is another. Let’s build together.


Hi, We’re Victor & Angela Myles.

We teach churches the strategic action steps for planning a sustainable church vision, creating fundable community programs and launching a profitable business so you can make an impact and have the financial strength to succeed. 

Throughout our message, we share everything we've learned from over a decade of leading a successful church nonprofit outreach, employing 30 different individuals, being mentor to hundreds of community leaders all while serving over 20,000 individuals and securing over $9.1 million in funding, running our consulting businesses and being ministry leaders, as well as a husband & wife, parents, grandparents and community thought leaders, plus working with church leaders as well.  We share our story of trail and triumph through testimony and more...all the while learning to keep our spirit man connected to the source of our strength  (Jesus Christ) and being guided by the Holy Spirit every step of the way. What does this mean for you? I know how to help you create a thriving, successful business that doesn’t require you to work long hours or make huge sacrifices to make it happen. Instead, your business will support you and your lifestyle, however you want them to be.

We've been able to gain the interest of thousands of leaders including Pastors, ministry leaders and social entrepreneurs who are future and current entrepreneurs of churches, nonprofits and small businesses through our local relationships, social channels and online.  Our gift is sharing proven strategies to help them clarity their vision, lead and operate in excellence.


Our Journey Here

It all began over a scoop of ice cream, the defining moment for our Vision.  We didn't know it then, but we were about to embark on a new part of our lives that had not yet been discovered.  By the time we were preparing to celebrate our 12th year anniversary, it was the summer of 2007.  Victor was home recovering from his 2nd surgery in two years on his Achilles tendon.  The first left him with a ten inch incision, several staples and the first of several casts that doctor's felt would be more efficient extending from his foot up to his upper thigh.  As a mother of three with an injured spouse, I wasn't working outside of the home at the time, just running a small graphics business... but knew when my husband needed cheering.  I took him to Baskin and Robbins for his favorite pistachio and almond ice cream, and there we meet a woman unknown to us, who spoke Vision into our lives, from that day forward, we were headed in a different direction of purpose, that of taking care of the poor.

We hit the ground running that day and began researching, formulating, failing, and finally learning the necessary tools and information that over the next few years would catapult our church's small outreach ministry budget from $500 to well over seven figures yearly with a clear defined vision of taking care of God's people that were in need.  But there is a story to the story....keep reading we'll explain. 


The Struggle Before Success

But during the process of serving others, we became homeless.

So how did the formerly homeless family of five manage to not lose hope faith, or the desire to help those in need?  It was totally by the grace of God fueled by the Visionary hearts within.  We stand in the truth of who God called us to be, and who He called us to empower.  We were called to serve the poor!  Not just the poor in resources, but also those poor in spirit, knowledge, and passion. 

We remember that day so clearly!  After returning from Legal Aid, getting assistance to file our response in court to the eviction order we had been served, it was only moments later that a strong knock at the door came with thunder.  It was the automotive lien holder coming to repossess the only vehicle we had. 

At that time we were right in the middle of our visioning process, but not broken.  It was an interesting road back from homelessness to successfully operating and maintaining a vision having employed over 30 individuals, thousands of volunteers, siting on committees, boards, and operating in think tanks and effectively and efficiently running 10 different programs for 10 years.  As visionary leaders we saw our future as thought leaders and experts in our field. What is so amazing about it all is that we have done it all together!  Step-by-step, because we are Stronger Together. 

Things Started to Click

After years of serving, building, and enhancing our programs as well as the efforts of others that would go on to reach thousands in our community and beyond, we knew we were called to help others navigate the tedious journey that comes along with the heart to do good for others aka Kingdom Work. 

We started our own consulting firm helping entrepreneurs form, build and enhance their visions.  What we noticed almost 100% of the time was that after the legal process of formation was complete, everyone had the same question....Now What?  How do I set up everything so that it functions, is organized, professional and ultimately builds income? 

We immediately went to work putting together the framework for what we know works, with all the nuisance, variables, and struggles that we know visionaries encounter.   We found that the best methods come from hands on learning at your own pace, and also in your own environment. 

So we are creating relevant coaching programs and courses to allow you as the Visionary to learn each aspect of the behind the scenes systems, strategies and processes that equate to successful sustainable operations and the key to getting the much needed funding to support your efforts. Sounds like the perfect fit, right?

The Mission and The Vision

We are so honored to be able to share our strategies, formulas, blueprints and frameworks with you.  We have a proven Step-By-Step Blueprint to help leaders establish or polish their visions.  We are honored to work with community leaders, social entrepreneurs, church leaders and other power couples looking to serve others and do it with excellence.   Our mission is to build visionaries to create innovative ways to improve the lives of others and to powerfully charge the future.  Our vision is to touch the lives of millions through the hands of the Visionaries we serve.

We Got Terribly Ill

As was ramping up, we both had health issues that began tumbling fast.

From surgeries to specialist, to physical therapy and beyond, it took an unforeseen tole on us and we once again found ourselves in need of a place to stay.  Between the two of us with blood clot, torn rotator cuff and ruptured Achilles tendon (for Victor), and a sprain hip, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome (Angela), it took awhile for us to catch our breath, but we knew that we would soon come up for water.

Thankfully, we are in much better health these days including much prayer, dietary changes and our new found passion for gardening to relief stress, we consider ourselves blessed, better and still improving, day by day.

You can read more about our story and health challenges, what we learned during that time, and how our vision is stronger than ever.

Where We Are Today

To say that we have been through some challenges in our marriage would be putting it mildly.  To say that our faith grew tremendously during the process would be considered an understatement.  To say that we have a gift is honorable, to say that we have each incredible!

We share our very blessed extraordinary life with our three sons of legacy: Tim (the college grad), Chris (the pianist) & Jon (the artist), daughter-in-law Desiree, two grand-boys Brandyn and Camryn and my ever faithful mother Pastor Fannie Lewis.

Today we provide services to churches, Pastors and business leaders through our platforms The Fundable Church and our consulting firm VMA Consulting LLC.

We Were Called To This

We’ve put over 15 years into this journey, so we know and understand what really works for you.  We know what fit’s you uniquely as a church, as a ministry, and Visionary.  You are a champion of change, a world changer, a Kingdom builder and we’re here for you. Ensuring that you get exactly what you want for your church, ministry or faith-based nonprofit.

It’s time to see the manifestation of a global impact, and it all begins with you today, right where you are.

Whether you want to get clear on your nonprofit or ministry vision, build and launch community programs that #GetFunded, or start a church business venture, We can help.

Our Mission

We’ll share with you everything we did to create a multi-million-dollar outreach, and more importantly how we served over 20,000 people in the process.

We are extremely committed to helping churches realize that tithes and offerings don’t have to be your only source of revenue to do work for the Kingdom of God.   We believe out of lack comes creativity.  Every opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others, creates an opportunity for a miracle to take place.

With our practical tips and strategies, We’ll map out a step-by-step customized blueprint for your community success so you can finally get that first grant, donation or corporate sponsor.  Then, with your foundation in place, scale up to six and seven figure funded community programs.  We love and have been called to help God’s people. We believe in the Vision of the Visionary!

If you could you use some help building a sustainable community program that fits your mission, your purpose and your call, get started with our Positioning Toolkit For Pastors & Churches. For FREE, instant access, enter your name and email address below.

"Vision without action is merely a dream.  Action without vision just passes the time.  Vision with action, can change the World."


Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

Colossians 3:23 NIV


Homeless Provider Network

Here with Terrance Stone, CEO of Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy.  Angela served as the Chair of the County of San Bernadino Homeless Provider Network for 3.5 Years.

Hope For Heroes

The Hope For Heroes is the Permanent Supportive Housing Program We ran for homeless disabled veterans.  Veterans were taken from the streets to fully furnished apartment units. Victor was the Director of Housing for the program.

National Core Gala

A great part of being nonprofit executives was the collaboration and celebrations we got to attend with our fellow "social entrepreneurs".  Here we were with our dear friend Kim Carter, CEO and Founder of Time For Change Foundation, in San Bernardino, CA.


The Ultimate Guide For Developing Sustainable Service Based Revenue For Your Church Or Ministry. To Set Up Community Programs That Get Funded.   Grow Your Vision Through Strategic Operations To Obtain Exponential Growth.

By entering your information, you agree to receive information and promotions from us.  Per our privacy notice, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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